Clean the World

Clean The World

There are populations around the world where two of the top five leading causes of death are hygiene related diseases, particularly in children. Simple hand-washing can lower the risk of diarrhea by 44-47% and acute respiratory infection in children under five years old by 50%. Hersha hotels have partnered with Clean the World to help these communities in need. We work with our hotel associates to collect partially used soaps and send them to Clean the World. Clean the World sanitizes these items and distributes new bars of soap to communities in need around the world. In 2016, we donated 14,500 pounds of soap and bottled amenities to Clean the World, which translates to over 76,000 new bars of life-saving soap distributed to children and families in need. Since the beginning of our partnership with Clean the World, our hotel donations have created approximately 427,000 new bars of soap.